Using I Ching Oracles

The Ancient Chinese consult the I Ching to resolve their doubts pertaining to great matters such as marriage ceremonies. During the Shang Dynasty (1766 - 1122BC) they divined with the tortoise shell and the procedures of divining with tortoise shells was complicated. During the Zhou Dynasty (1122 - 221BC) the fifty Yarrow Stalks was widely used. However, during the Southern Sung Dynasty the 3 Coins oracles method was introduced. During the Tang Dynasty (618 – 917AD) this was popularized by eminent scholar, Shao Yun in the Southern Dynasty (1127 – 1279). Since then it is commonly used especially by the Westerner as a method in divining the I Ching Oracles.

Situations and Circumstances on Divination

Most Chinese people consult the I Ching Oracles when they are facing uncertainty, confusion or a crisis. They may also seek advice and wisdom from the I Ching Oracles as it is connoted with ancient Chinese wisdom and ethical values contributed by the most revered Chinese sage, Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) to became the book of wisdom.

Everything in the world is constantly changing; it is not the same today, tomorrow and the future. The world today is changing at a very fast pace and we are living in a time of profound changes. So, it is imperative and crucial for us to adapt to the changes. Otherwise we only invite troubles. We should not only adapt to the changes but must be prepared to face the challenges even at good times and more so at bad times.

We shall divulge various scenarios to give you a clearer picture on the situations or circumstances on why people divine. They probably want to know their present circumstances as well as their future potentials.,/p>

In fact we can briefly summarize the situations into; immediate/short, short/medium and medium/long term in 7 scenarios. With such segregations we can identify our definite situation presently so that we can formulate a comprehensive plan to address our problems or issues as and when the situation arises.

The following are the scenarios why we consult the I Ching. An overview of the 7 scenarios is shown in Diagram 1.

The following are the scenarios on why we consult the I Ching :

Scenario 1 :

In our daily lives, most of us will encounter doubt, pain, confusion, stress or fear. Under such situation we are unsettled and lost confidence in whatever things we do and do not have a clear direction of where we are heading. Though it may be normal recurring occurrences, if left unchecked and unresolved will turn it into bigger and more complicated issues. Such bad habit to leave pending issue dangling will affect us drastically and reflect in our expressions and behavior.

Firstly, we must clear such doubts or uncertainties so that we can resolve such problems or alleviate our fear. One must be brave enough to know what the fear or doubt is and willing to face the challenge or situation. Upon revealing and understanding the nature of the present situation or challenge then we can take appropriate actions to resolve or mitigate it.

Scenario 2 :

Sometimes we may encounter a situation where some career or financial offers that seemingly look good but your intuition sense it may not be right. Our conscious mind will also tell us not to be taken in or accept such offer. Our instinct may tell us not to get involved in such scam or we may sense it is too good to be true. Since our infinite intelligence tells us to beware of such offer and our consciousness reminds us to be suspicious, so we must decline and distance ourselves from such offer. Otherwise, we’ll definitely get into trouble and get trapped in the scam especially in a society full of unscrupulous people. In such a situation, our intuition is always right and divining the I Ching Oracles will confirm it.

Scenario 3 :

We may face a situation that we need to take certain decision and action to resolve an issue that needs immediate attention. This pressing issue requires resoluteness to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand or else it is too late if not resolved immediately. In such a situation we must tread carefully, otherwise it may cause dire consequences as the problem becomes more complicated. This often happens when there contentious issues or misunderstandings and uncompromising attitudes or pride of not admitting our mistakes we need an immediate solution especially in business or marital partnerships.

Scenario 4 :

There are instances where one may face a crisis, crossroad or encounter a dilemma. In such a critical situation one needs resoluteness, steadfastness, perseverance, astuteness and willingness to face the challenge like undertaking responsibilities and having a clear vision to handle and overcome it. Without understanding the nature of your present situation and what it takes, will make it more difficult for you resolve it amicably. Many problems will come at the same time and with mounting pressure, it will put a toll on you if you lose confidence and succumb to it easily without putting a good fight. You should give it thorough thought and seek advice and help from the right people as you could not resolve it alone.

Scenario 5 :

In our lifetime we are likely to encounter a crossroad especially in deciding the choices when pursuing a career, changing employment, migration, the types of business or course to take. The most important decision in life for everyone of us to make is usually the decision to make a commitment like marriage, things that require personal commitments or undertaking of heavy financial responsibilities. Upon encountering a crossroad we often have to make a critical assessment and examination of each choice to determine the course of our career, our soul mate or lifetime commitment.

When such scenario arises it is often a very difficult decision for us to make. We will take a lot of time to ponder before making a decision. Very often we become very confused and seeking advice is one of the options to make. Normally, the more choices we have the more difficult it is for us to deliberate since there are many pros and cons to consider. In such a situation one of the best options is to consult the infinite intelligence and wisdom resident in your subconscious mind by divining the I Ching Oracles.

Scenario 6 :

Often it is critical for us to make a major decision as it may affect us dramatically. Such decision can affect our life in the long run as it can change the course of our career, financial position or relationship with loved ones. If we need to make a major decision on an investment involving a substantial amount of our wealth, we must assess and evaluate the risk that we are willing to undertake. Sometimes such investments may involve big loans so we must bear the financial responsibilities if the investment failed. We cannot only expect high returns without considering the nature of the risks involved and we have a choice. Generally, risks and returns are interrelated; higher returns usually involve higher risks. Similarly, lower risks usually involve lower returns.

We may face a major relationship problem especially involving our spouse, potential soul mate or business partners. Very often we may experience a threat of a pending breakup or separation when a relationship has reached a critical level. This is likely to happen if earlier signs of any misunderstandings were not properly addressed. Then it may end up in miscommunication between the partners if we take too much pride in us, very stubborn and not willing to admit our mistakes. Ultimately, we may need to seek reconciliation through an arbitrator or counselor. Hence, it is crucial to understand the causes of our present situation in order to resolve our differences or misunderstandings. If we do not resolve it immediately it can escalate into a complicated one and become more difficult to reconcile.

Scenario 7 :

We are living in a global village and whatever development elsewhere has a certain impact on us. So, we must know and also update ourselves on the current world affairs; be it political, business, economics, social or natural calamities. Knowing the current worldly affairs is not good enough since we do not take precautionary measures or take proactive actions or geared ourselves towards that direction in anticipation of the future phenomena or events. Our career, investments and financial affairs to a very large extent are influenced and affected by the developments in other parts of the world especially the major economies like USA, Europe, China, Japan and so on.

You can also consult the I Ching on matters relating to worldly affairs. Our subconscious mind is also an omnipresent universal mind since most of us do not change and think very much alike; such as needs, beliefs, fears, prejudices or expectations. Hence, it is possible to read the collective subconscious minds; as a group, race, community or country particularly involving world affairs in politics, business and economics.

Now we present an overview on how to benefit by consulting the I Ching. Through divination of the I Ching Oracles we are presented with a clearer picture and gain the perspective on our present situation, stages of development in certain circumstances and the outcome of the present situation. The presentation of the present information about our entire situation enables us to make appropriate and better judgment-decision and action. At the same time by knowing the future potentials of the entire situation we can take appropriate precautionary measures or take proactive actions provided in the texts in order to enhance our fortune or mitigate our misfortune. Otherwise, we are blurred by fear, prejudices, doubts or confusion and likely to make erroneous and faulty judgments.

See I in the following diagram for a summary of the benefits and the following sections on the Immediate/Short Term benefits and Short/Medium benefits.

Under Scenario 1, 2 and 3
  1. Monitor Progress – we can monitor the progress in many aspects such as improving our relationships with loved ones and others. By consulting the I Ching concerning our present situation when we are encountering any relationship problems, it can be resolved thru’ divination of the I Ching Oracles; to obtain the wisdom and appropriate advices to address our doubts, confusions or misunderstandings.
  2. Resolve Problems – Most of us when encountering any problems relating to relationships often find it difficult to resolve especially on love matters. Adopting a right frame of mind; by consulting the I Ching and readily receptive to the advices on the outcome of the divination can assist us to resolve the problem with decisiveness.
  3. More Focus and Certain – We can identify the present state of our sub- consciousness relating to the question raised derived from the outcome of the divination; confirm the fact and contents of the situation pertaining to our problems or matter involved. For that matter, it actually clarifies our doubts or uncertainties and perspective views and enables us to focus on the problem or issue by formulating plans, take remedial actions to address and resolve it.
  4. Proactive Actions – We may take remedial action on preemption of our present situation to prevent and address our problems. This is only possible if our intuition tells us so, which, unfortunately most of us do not possess. Thru’ divination it reveals our present situation, stages of development in certain circumstances and its outcome of the present situation so that we can undertake proactive actions by adopting appropriate advice and wisdom given by the outcome stated in the I Ching.
  5. Take Care of Health – Occasionally we may not feel well but it may not be necessary to consult a doctor. We may only do so when we are really sick and it is too late by then. Under such circumstances we can consult the I Ching Oracles for better advice as such feeling are often affected by our swinging mood and it does not necessitate a medical checkup. We must therefore monitor our health; before it is too late to do so.
  6. Avoid Confrontation and Sensitive Issues – Sometimes we may get involved in unnecessary arguments, controversies or sensitive issues which can be avoided if we can keep our opinion to ourselves. It may be caused by our insensitivities or making unwarranted remarks that hurt others’ feelings. Confrontations can also be avoided if we come to our senses before making a radical or rash decision to resolve a small misunderstanding or an argument circulated by malicious gossips. To avoid being getting involved, we may consult the I Ching to give us appropriate advice rather than confronting, retaliating or getting embroiled in sensitive issues and controversies.
  7. Maintain and Improve Personal Relationships – Most of us do not bother to know, give due attention or take care the wellbeing of others especially our loved ones but expect them to treat us well. This can be a cause of the relationship problems in the future. Like any other things if we neglect them for too long, our relationship will deteriorate and finally disintegrate. It often occurs to us as we do not normally take notice consciously or unconsciously; so we may consult the I Ching for advice concerning our love ones and people important to us.
  8. Resolving Pressing Issues/Matters that need Immediate Attention – There are instances or matters that need immediate attention and it is necessary to execute timely, swift and precise action to settle the issues or matters. This normally happen to operational matters or at times involving mundane jobs or daily chores. Unless such matters are resolved or settled immediately it can cause damages such as; affecting our dignity, pride, trustworthiness, financial losses or relationship breakups. Since we cannot contemplate for too long and delay the decision, we can consult the I Ching to get instant and appropriate advices. The I Ching Oracles is used as a medium to tap our Infinite Intelligence and wisdom resident in our subconscious mind to recommend the appropriate action and remedy to be taken.

Consulting the I Ching Oracles on a regular basis will help to improve and enhance our luck. When we do the right things, obviously our luck improves; it motivates and inspires us to perform better. Likewise, if we do the wrong things, our luck deteriorates and if we become demoralized and unmotivated, our luck will worsen.

The regular consultation and right and consistent application of elements shown above will enhance and improve our luck by enhancing fortune and mitigating misfortune. These small successes are the constituents and contributions that enabled us to become more successful in whatever endeavors undertaken including having better relationships with others and improve our quality of life. See B2 in Diagram 2.

Now we shall present the Short and Medium Term benefits by taking appropriate actions and relevant advices. We summarize the benefits under Overall Improvements; See III of Diagram 3.

  1. Revise Plan – Realistically we must revise our plan in financial, business or career matters in order to accommodate and adapt to the changes that affect our initial plan. We must adopt a more pragmatic approach by constantly revising our plan, make amendments and adjustments to accommodate the constant changes around us otherwise our plan and target cannot be achieved. Revision may mean adjustments, reallocation of resources and efforts to ensure that our targets or expectation are met. Otherwise, we can be demoralized if we do not make revision and adjustments to ensure that we meet our expectation or target on schedule. If we are inflexible, adamant and stick to our initial plan without any revision then troubles and problems await us.
  2. Review Progress – In career matters, plans or projects that take a longer time to complete we need to review the progress regularly. Otherwise, such matters may not meet its deadline as the completion date is behind schedule or not meeting its target. If we constantly review our progress in whatever things we do, it allows us to monitor our progress to ensure our plan or target is on course. It is a matter of ensuring our progress relating to our financial, business or personal plans work.
  3. Improve Skills – Since we are living in a global village and whatever developments elsewhere especially the changes in technology or demand may affect our career, investment and business. So, we must improve our skills by adapting to the technological changes, new methods or amendments of laws governing our profession or business.
    Knowing and updating skills and current world affairs will ensure that we become more competent and remain competitive in the job market or remain in business. Knowing the current worldly affairs is not good enough if we do not take precautionary measures or proactive actions in anticipation of the changes and future events.
  4. Update Know-how - Every now and then we need to acquire and learn new technology and new method of performing our jobs or duties or ensuring we remain competitive in our business. If we do not know what is happening in the outside world and our skills are not updated we become inefficient or ineffective in our jobs or duties and sooner or later we can be made redundant or out of the business.
    Consulting the I Ching Oracles on regular intervals may remind us to avoid from become complacent and hint to us what likely changes is likely to take place. It is a way to keep us in check and remind us to always update our know-how in order to be above others if we need to be progressive and successful in our career.
  5. Career & Personal Development – If we acknowledge the need to further our success in our career or personal development we need to make the right judgment-decision when we have a major decision to make. Most of us may at a certain phase or period encounter a crossroad and it is crucial to make the right decision.
    To do well in life we need to pursue a career of our choice but not merely to get a job to support us. So, consulting the I Ching Oracles at a crucial time can help us since we are seeking the wisdom and infinite intelligence resident in our subconscious mind. Similarly, if we are not easily confused and have a clear direction or vision and perspective view of our present situation, we can achieve much more particularly for personal development.
  6. Resolve Personal Misunderstandings or Controversies – It is very important to resolve our misunderstandings or controversies immediately rather than leave it unattended. Many problems are created as a result of small misunderstandings being not resolved and ended up in long term problems especially with loved ones or business partnerships. By consulting the I Ching Oracles we can resolve it as the advices are appropriate to us, especially those that cannot be resolved in a simple and amicable ways.
  7. Self Reflection – Sometimes we may consult the I Ching Oracles to ask questions in order to reflect and find out more of ourselves especially our spiritual needs. We may be at a loss, unmotivated, uninspired and directionless or without knowing what we want in life. So, it is very important to ask the I Ching Oracles to give us direction to lead a purposeful life.

Our regular and timely consultation in order to monitor our reviews and revisions will enable us to perform better or cultivate better relationship with others. In this manner it indirectly plays an important role as a major contributor in enhancing our luck or mitigating our problems in the long-run. Such consistent and regular reviews and revisions will improve our luck and successes tremendously, thus contributing to our overall successes. See C3 in following diagram.

Diagram on Scenarios & Contributions to Our Luck by Consulting the I Ching Oracles

Consulting the I Ching Oracles


We can harness the benefits if we could use the I Ching Oracles to improve our life in most aspects. The various improvements and benefits derived can be broadly described as; career development, spiritual needs, harmonious family, better social life, better working life, better off financially, lead a less stressful & meaningful life, better productivity and become a happier and more understanding person.

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