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What is Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi and I Ching?
BaZi literally means "8 characters" in Chinese. Bazi is a system of metaphysical knowledge for predicting the future of an individual.
It is a very accurate and popular method used for fortune telling.
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I-Ching Consultation OnlineWe Offer Personalized Bazi Reports!

Master Richard Tan, a Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) after spending many years studying and researching extensively and intensively on the I Ching Oracles decided to launch the I Ching Consultation Reports.
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Discover yourself through your Life Profile Chart, it may assist you to change & improve your life dramatically!
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Using any 3-coins, we can assist you to tap the Power resident in your Subconscious Mind to resolve your predicaments, problems of the present situation or an event. Our report will reveal & utilize your Mind Power to provide & interpret an appropriate answer, advice and solution...
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I Ching Consultation Report – Free

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Premium Report provides a comprehensive insight into the important aspects of your life covering personality, love, career, relationships with love ones or even feng shui
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Platinum Report provides you a 365-day daily luck report list indicating your good times pertaining to matters such as romance and financial luck for better planning and judgment-decision making.
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Gold Report provides a list of lucky dates for you to optimize your luck for gambling, betting, speculative and investment activities.
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Silver Report provides a list of auspicious dates based on one's personalized BaZi to identify his auspicious for opening ceremony or inaugurating important events.
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Dear Richard,

Your efforts are more than admirable and you are a gifted genius, no doubt. What is truly amazing to me is that the 6 coin toss DOES speak to the heart/spirit. When I read the answer, I know it is speaking to me DIRECTLY, and I recognize it as a reflection of my subconscious mind (universal mind, the one mind)--with out any doubts, whatsoever.

Even more amazing is, every aspect of the answer weaves in smaller parts of the larger picture to the current circumstances unfolding in real time in each persons life--and all are accurate!! Amazing!! I clearly recognize the answer as my higher self speaking thru me with the toss. The wisdoms and beautifully translated wording are as if a Tao Master were at my side speaking directly to me. Random answers on many websites are a sham and will not produce the Authentic Readings. Perhaps, the diviners using them are just not ready to receive, or know the truth...

Yes, you may publish any parts of my emails.

Thank you for being dedicated to your cause.

Many blessings on your path,

Kathleen C (Via email)
Date: 27 May, 2010

A friend of mine recommended me to obtain a Personalized Platinum Report at that suits my needs in complimenting, guiding and honing my trading skills. The most crucial aspect is it provides me a 365–daily predictions chart of my luck indices to assist in making crucial decisions for the day. This report guides me to make better judgment-decision-action at the right time. It works wonders for me and since then I have been using the report as a guide to assist me in conducting my business and speculative activities.

-- Judy Sim

I find that the Platinum Report offered at best suits my needs for a guide in my daily endeavours. Since obtaining a report, I never fail to refer to my luck indices every morning to get an idea of what my day ahead will be like. Although I am not a regular speculator on the stock market, I find that on the days marked as Good or Excellent, I have made reasonable returns when I do venture to play the stocks.

-- Winston Chan
Kuala Lumpur

What others say...

Why do we need to adjust the time of birth?

It is obvious that you need a correct birth time to produce an accurate BaZi reading. But using this birth time may result in a wrong reading, resulting in an incorrect hour pillar and in some cases even the day pillar!. At, we are passionate about using the correct time for deriving your BaZi and not simply take the actual birth datetime. This ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the reading.

BaZi calculations are based on solar time which was used before the advent of mechanical clocks. Modern time is very convenient for day to day living but unfortunately it is usually not the correct time to use for BaZi calculations. Compensating for time variations across different locations and years is a rather complex issue.

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