In order to obtain a more accurate answer on your divination, you are advised to follow certain procedures and ask the right question categorized into the relevant aspect. By doing so it can help you to resolve your problem, predicament, doubt, confusion or on facing a crisis.

Since the seeking of the divination using I Ching Oracles, a sacred book revered by billions of people worldwide it should be treated seriously and not be trivialized or for fun seeking purposes. It should not be used for ulterior motives, selfish interests, immoral activities or ridiculing it.

In order to avoid the complications and the tedious processes by using the 3-coin method as we felt that the other methods are very complex, impractical and difficult to follow or computerized.

This method is easy to use and yet very accurate for divination introduced during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 917). However, it was popularized by Shao Yun (1011 – 1077), an eminent I Ching scholar during the neo-Confucianism era of the Northern Sung Dynasty (960 – 1126).

Find out more on how to obtain an accurate reading using the 3-coin method for I Ching for Divination.

Before Tossing the 3 Coins :

  • If possible meditate otherwise you should keep your mind blank before tossing the 3 Coin of the same size. You should adopt a receptive attitude, quiet, peaceful mind and a tranquil environment since your subconscious knows the answers through the I Ching divination.
  • Clean you hand and conduct the tossing of the 3 Coins together 6 times in a quite place free from disturbance or distraction. Each toss determines a Line of the Hexagram starting from bottom up.
  • Record in a piece of paper or Draft Form A extracted from our website to enable you to transcribe the appropriate number in the 6 Lines. Our integrated computerized program identifies and disseminates the answers appropriate to your question in the form interpreting the Initial Hexagram (diagnosis), the Changing Yao Line and Resultant Hexagram (prognosis).
  • Record immediately for the first toss starting from the First (Bottom) Line, then the Second Line until the Sixth (Top) Line. Record each toss by Numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9 immediately to avoid recording mistakes and these 6 recorded numbers form the basis of your divination or enquiry.
  • For simplicity you may click to the 6 relevant outcomes of the throw of the 3 coins for six times. To avoid confusion you just need to click on the appropriate outcome you have thrown starting from each throw: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 accordingly.

The divination should not be use for selfish motivation or ulterior purpose but only act accordance to moral principles and common sense.

The Oracle does not provide a direct answer like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Rather it gives you a descriptive situation, and the changes through your actions and the projection of the immediate future pertaining to your Question. So you are advised not to ask optional questions otherwise you’ll be confused by the answer given.

  • You are advised to ask serious and important questions for obtaining an important situation rather than insignificant ones otherwise the answers given are also insignificant.
  • In every divination you should only ask one question. Your question should not be vague or ambiguous. It should definite, clear and straight to the point.
  • It works best for personal life question since it is something you are familiar with and is personal. It doesn’t work well on impersonal question, as the less personal there are the more difficult the answers will tend to be when interpreted. Hence, it is better not to ask question for someone since the question asked are not as personal.

Avoid either/or questions since it is difficult or confusing to interpret the answers. However, if you have such kind of questions involving two or more distinct actions or paths you should formulate the question separately for each and then select the one that provides the appropriate answer. Please see below for questions 7 and 8 if you have an option of either go for further studies or getting a job under the Career/Studies/Interest aspect below. You should compare the 2 answers before making a decision.

The question works best for seeking of the present or immediate past since it evolved the natural path of natural evolution. Events or predictions made for the remote past and those too far in the future are not encouraged.

Examples of Formulating a Question:

  1. Should I get a separation/divorce?
  2. Should I get serious with this woman/man?
  3. Should I take this new job offer?
  4. Should I take this overseas assignment?
  5. Should I take up this investment?
  6. What is my future in my current employment?
  7. Should I go for further studies?
  8. Should I get a job?

Relevant questions relating the following aspects :

  1. Should I invest in this new venture?
  2. Should I go ahead with the partnership?
  3. Will I be successful if expand my business?
  4. Will my application with a new loan be successful?
  5. Should I proceed with my diversification investment plan?
  6. Can my business revenue/profit improved?
  7. Will I win this tender for this contract?
  8. Will my overseas business expansion succeed?
  9. Should I acquire this business at an amount of ......?
  10. Should I appoint Mr. my employee for my company?
  1. Should I accept this job?
  2. Will I receive a promotion soon?
  3. Should I accept a transfer......?
  4. Should I accept this relocation to......?
  5. Will I get a good pay rise soon?
  6. Can I be made a senior executive in my company?
  7. Is it a good time to request for a promotion to….from my boss?
  8. Should I resign from my present job?
  9. Should I sack this employee…….now?
  10. Should I promote this employee…….now?
  1. Should I take up this particular course?
  2. Should I consider changing this course?
  3. Should I consider changing my present university?
  4. Should I move out from the university dormitory?
  5. Will I get a scholarship to go to college?
  6. Will my parents allow me to study overseas?
  7. Should I proceed in taking up a postgraduate course in......?
  8. Will I get good results for my recent exams?
  9. Will my get prospects improve by taking up a course relevant to my job?
  10. Will I be successful in getting a place in University of......
  1. Should I divorce my husband?
  2. Will I succeed in breaking this love affair?
  3. Should I move out from my in-laws?
  4. Shall we relocate to another place......?
  5. Should I reconcile with my wife?
  6. Will my daughter do well in her exams?
  7. Should I let my son to study overseas?
  8. Should I move in with my in-laws?
  9. Should I adopt this baby girl?
  10. Should I join my husband in his relocation to China?
  1. Should I break off from him?
  2. Should I marry him?
  3. Will my boyfriend remain faithful?
  4. Will my girlfriend agrees to my marriage proposal?
  5. Will she make a good wife?
  6. Is he in love with me?
  7. Should I make the first move in dating her?
  8. Should I move in with him?
  9. Can he provide me with financial security?
  10. Should I join my boyfriend in furthering his studies abroad?
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