Our Online Service for I Ching Divination is based on the Texts of the I Ching Oracles as interpreted into today’s context to assist you to resolve your present problems whether in Career, Love, Relationship, Investment, Business or others.

Since the success of our earlier launches pertaining to our online BaZi services we decided to launch our online I Ching Divination Report to compliment and to broaden the scope of our services. The purpose of our I Ching Divination Report is to assist the diviner or enquirer to resolve his present predicaments or problems encountered.

Our popular Personalized Bazi reports provide a detailed analysis on one’s personal characteristics, personalized feng shui and the state of the luck cycle in his lifetime presented in the form of Luck Pillars, Yearly, Monthly and Daily Luck.

Most of us at one time or the other will encounter a period of uncertainty, confusion or crisis and it is crucial to resolve these problems promptly. At such critical time we may make blunders; bringing problem, loss and failure since it is a wrong time to make judgment-decision especially dealing in pressing or sensitive issues and major decision making.

Our I Ching Divination Report is based on the Chinese sacred book revered by billions of people worldwide. It is the oldest sacred book that survived even the most turbulent times especially during the burning of books by Emperor Shih Huang Ti during Chin Dynasty (221BC – 206BC). Its survival was due to its ability to fashion the needs of its users since it is timeless, its universal philosophy embedded within it and fundamentally valid for applying to human life.

Our reports present the answers in a language that is easy to understand, comprehensive, devoid of ambiguity and specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the diviner and enquirer. It contains the outcome of the divination in the form of the Initial Hexagram revealing one’s present situation, its Changing Line(s) reveals the stages of development in certain circumstances that affect the present situation, and the outcome of the present situation reflected by the Approached Hexagram.

In order to accommodate and meet the needs we specially developed 3 main aspects to cover a wider scope of choices for the diviner.

Find out more on the 3 main aspects of our Online - I Ching Divination Report

One of the main aspects that is common among us is to seek for advice particularly relating to our career, academic or professional studies and to a lesser importance on interest like hobbies.

Most of us are likely to face a situation whereby we need to make a right decision to choose a career or change employer especially when there are choices or options, In the case of pursuing further studies, we may face a situation where we need to make decision not only on the course to be taken but the options offered to select the right subjects.

Another aspect that most of us are likely to seek for advices relating to our relationships with others like; family, spouse, lovers, friends, associates, colleagues and others. The other types of relationships may involved members of any organizations; whether in political, social or community, charities, NGOs or economic organizations and so on.

It is inevitable that all of us will encounter situations where we have problems or misunderstandings with others. Such misunderstandings or problems if not resolved amicably will end up with more problems and become more difficult to resolve. If left unresolved it may cause breakup, separation or divorce especially involving spouse or closed ones. In social or working place such misunderstandings will cause more problems to the organization if left unresolved.

In a modern society most of us are somehow involved in business activities and/or with some investments. It is normal and crucial for a career person to supplement his normal employment by investing some of his savings in businesses or investments for the future. This may take in many forms like properties, pensions, social securities of different kinds, all sorts of funds provided by financial institutions, insurance companies/investment banks, Government Trusts/Gilts/Bonds, Equities in the stock markets and so on.

Therefore, it is natural for us to divine if we have doubts or uncertainties on how to invest correctly especially when it involved many choices and options. We need to make comparisons and considered the level of risk to be taken before making any decisions on the financial commitments, as it can have a far reaching on our financial position.

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Please note that another separate toss/throw of the 3-coin is likely to produce a different outcome; as the situation and state of the sub consciousness will be different especially when one is in a state of confusion, doubt or predicament.

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