Applying the I Ching Oracles - Online will provide diviners and enquirers the opportunity to access one of the most comprehensive reports available today. Its easy access, affordability and instant response will help you to quickly resolve your problems such as clarifying doubts, confusion or crisis.

The introduction of our online I Ching Divination Report makes it easy for diviners seeking divination. Our online divination saves the hassle and trouble for those seeking divination using the conventional method for divination. The divination procedures are the same and the processes are fully computerized and one can divine online. Master Richard Tan has spent many years reading, researching, developing, designing and spending a lot of money to develop the online I Ching Divination Report for the benefits of diviners to consult the I Ching Oracles or the Book of Changes online.

Our objective is to make Online I Ching Divination simple, conveniently accessible at anytime, affordable, and with instant outcomes whilst retaining its authenticity. We intend to serve the same purpose as the conventional method but the diviners can get instantaneous results. Our Online I Ching Divination Report is easy to comprehend and we have tailored it for answering and providing relevant advice in today’s context and the relevant aspect sought by the diviner.

It can also be consulted for those wanted to know their present situation and future potential or tendency. The instant response will provide one with a clearer view and perspective of his present situation to alleviate his worries or fears before taking appropriate actions.

Our online oracle incorporates the interpreted answers extracted from its original texts and compiled with a view to accommodate the frequently asked questions in the context of today’s situation. Our answers are more specific and designed by segregating into 3 main aspects for accommodating the diviner's question and avoid being too generalized.

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The I Ching, or Book of Changes is also known as Book of Oracles or Book of Wisdom. It is an ancient book that has been in existence for about 5,000 years. It is considered as the most important book for divination for more than 3,000 years and revered by billions of Chinese. It is the Classic of Classics and consulted by the Chinese since it is a source of ancient wisdom. The Chinese considered it as a holy book just like the Holy Bible is to the Christians.

Its continuity and influence has a profound impact on the Chinese culture and philosophy over the long Chinese civilization, thus making it a sacred book. As one of the most revered books in the world of literature it exerts profound influence and provides inspirations to most eminent scholars of China to the present day. Of all the Confucian classics it is the only book that escaped the great burnings of books under Emperor Shi Huang Ti of the Chin dynasty. As a sacred book it deserves reverence and respect in the same way as any other holy books.

The I Ching, Book of Changes considers that everything in the universe is subject to a process of continuous change, starting, rising, peak, decline but in a progressive evolutionary advancement. Each Hexagram is symbolized by a name, structure, changing line(s) and its significance indicating a definite situation. Any change(s) is revealed by a changing line(s) or ‘yao text’ which will result in a succession of the names of an approaching Hexagram, indicating a change to a new situation. It also discloses that due to the continuous changes, when situations proceed beyond their extreme it will alternate to their opposites as nothing remains the same forever.

It reminds us to accept and must also keep up with the pace of the continuous changes in order to progress, otherwise regression follows. We should be receptive, flexible and adjust our efforts according to the changes in time and situation in order to accommodate these changes. It provides us a clearer picture, appropriate view and better understandings of a definite situation, gives proper guidance and manifestation of the future in times of confusion and crisis.

There are various methods used as a tool to consult the I Ching Oracles. The most ancient and common method used by the diviner is the fifty yarrow stalks. The 3-coin method was introduced in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 917) but only became very popular after it was promoted by an eminent I Ching scholar Shao Yun, during the Southern Dynasty (1127 – 1279).

Since then it was commonly used especially in the West, as it is practical and very accurate. You only need to toss 3 coins for six successive times; each toss represents a line and the 6 lines making up a Hexagram.

When the Book of Changes was edited and annotated with Confucius’ commentaries and ethical values, it became a Book of Wisdom that opened up the richest treasure of Chinese wisdom. It is one of the five Classics of Confucianism that provide a common source for Taoist and Confucian philosophy. It advises as to what one should or should not do according to one’s position and situation.

It also advises one when it is the time to sow or time to reap, rest or keep still and act appropriately. The sixty four hexagrams of the I Ching depict the sixty four cyclical situations with appropriate advice connoted with common sense and ethical values.

Most of us, at one time or the other, will encounter a period of uncertainty, confusion or crisis. Under such situations, one will suffer from confusion, resentment, hostility, negative thoughts in his subconscious mind.

At such moments, it is a not the right time to make judgment-decision since one's attitude may lead to blunders and bring loss and failure.

It is important to understand that the I Ching Oracles does not make predictions nor is it used as a fortune-telling device but it is a tool to help in synchronizing your subconscious mind with your consciousness. It taps into the contents, Infinite Intelligence and boundless wisdom resident in your subconscious mind. When faced with a definite situation, the subconscious mind will reveal your present state of consciousness symbolically and respond according to the nature of your question. This is revealed in the form of a Hexagram you received during your divination by tossing the 3-coin six consecutive times.

The I Ching Oracles is based on 64 Hexagrams or Kua. Each Qua is made up of 6-line composed of 384 combinations of undivided and divided lines, and contains symbolic messages like Name, Structure, Decision, Commentaries, Yao Text and Significance. The outcome of divination represented by the Kua that you received will sum up your present state of your subconscious state of mind, your external circumstances and the outcome of your present situation.

Please view the following illustration on how the I Ching Oracles can be used as a tool to tap your subconscious mind to respond to your question by revealing your present state of consciousness.

When the present state of your conscious mind1 is in doubt, in confusion or facing a crisis2 it is a wrong time to make judgment-decision. So, you may consult the I Ching Oracles to respond to the nature of your question and provide an answer to it.

The I Ching Oracles provides you a tool for divination and revealing your present state of your subconscious mind, your external circumstances and the outcome of your present situation. The successive processes of using the 3 – Coin method are :

  1. The act of tossing the 3 coins for six consecutive times3a) using the 3 - Coin Method
  2. Its outcome is represented by an Initial Qua, Yao Text and Approached Qua interpreted from the 3 coins toss3b)
  3. The act of tossing the 3-coin method provides you a tool to tap your subconscious mind4 to respond according to your question

The outcome of tossing the 3 coins using the Oracles reflects the contents of your subconscious mind4 and its outcome3b) from above interprets your present situation and respond to your conscious mind when you raised the question.

The outcome of the divination obtained from the I Ching Oracles is depicted in the form of a name of a Hexagram, symbol, decision, ‘yao text’ and significance. The Hexagram obtained actually sums up the present situation of the present state of your subconscious state of mind4b. If there is any changes, it will be reflected by the moving lines or ‘Yao Texts’ representing the present stage of development in certain circumstances4c; and the outcome4d of the present situation is reflected by the Approached Hexagram derived thereon.

It can be further illustrated as follows :

The present state of your subconscious state of mind4b is summed up by the Significance or Judgments and Images attached to the Hexagram you received. If there are changes in certain circumstances, it is indicated in the form of Moving Line4c or ‘Yao Text’. The outcome4d of your present situation will show a new situation you should expect; after merging your present situation4b and the present stage of development in certain circumstances4c causing the change.

The popularity and success of our Online BaZi reading for predicting fortune and destiny reading using the Chinese art of fortune-telling called ‘The Four Pillars of Destiny’ has spurred us to introduce our online divination using the I Ching Oracle.

BaZi reports only predict the state of one’s luck during the journey of his lifetime. The predictions are based on one’s date, time and place of birth represented by the 5 elements. The reports only provides the path one is likely to go through in his lifetime and categorizes luck into 5 different states via the Luck Pillars, Yearly, Monthly and Daily luck

The shortcoming of this method of fortune-telling is that it does not provide solutions nor offer relevant advice to assist us in our daily life. All of us will face problems and need to resolve it; be it doubt, confusion or upon meeting a crisis. Without resolving such problems or to clear our obstacles we will fail in our endeavors and personal life.

Using the I Ching Oracles with the 3-coin method requires one to toss 3 coins for six successive times; each toss represents a line making up the 6-line accomplished Hexagram. The 6-line will reflect the outcome of the divination in the form of a Hexagram obtained. Then we have to refer to the Book of Changes to get the relevant text of the Hexagram for interpreting the outcome of the divination. In most cases we may need someone who is well versed in 64 Hexagram original texts of the Book of Changes to interpret for us according to the aspect and question asked.

In this manner, the direct approach of consulting the I Ching Oracles only specifies our present situation. In most cases the Changing Line(s) and Approached Hexagram are not taken into considerations since it is very time consuming to obtain a detailed outcome; as the outcome of the 3-coin may have changing lines representing the outcome the future situation. So, we cannot possibly get an overall picture to make better decision since we do not know the stages of development in certain circumstances that affect our present situation.

In such a scenario, we do not know our future potential or tendency as reflected by the Approached Hexagram. Hence, it prevents us from taking preemptive or precautionary measures to avoid misfortune, mitigate the future potential’s problems or obtain good fortune.

The other shortcoming of using the conventional method is that the original texts are written according to King Wen’s political experiences and personal life at that time. Even Confucius' commentaries were written in the context of the prevailing situation of the distant past. So the accuracy and authenticity of the texts are subject to the interpretations of the insight knowledge and proficiency of the I Ching scholar or master’s interpretation in the context of today’s aspect and situation.

It will defeat our intention to meet the diviner needs by quoting directly from the original texts of the Hexagram from the Book of Changes since he is not likely to understand it. Quoting the texts directly will render it useless and meaningless as the diviner would not be able to interpret the outcome of the Hexagram received; as it is represented by a Name, Structure, Symbols, Decision and Commentaries written by the ancient sages like King Wen, Duke of Zhou and Confucius quoted in ancient Chinese, phrases, idioms and poetries.

To overcome the shortcomings Master Richard Tan through his years of serious studies and extensive research on the subject has formulated an interpreted version in the context of today’s main aspects. Utilizing his understanding and insight knowledge of the subject he made a diligent attempt to interpret each and every 64 Hexagram derived from his research obtained various authentic sources.

Then he made the interpretations into 3 main aspects relevant to a prospective diviner based on the original texts of the Book of Changes.

His interpretations are based on his extensive research and understanding on the historical facts of ancient China; when it was written by the ancient sages based on their observations and experience of the events in Heaven, Earth and Humanity. By critically examining and contemplating the sequence of each Hexagram has assisted him to have a perspective view on each specific situation; before interpreting them into the relevant aspect of today’s context. Though the situation when the I Ching texts were written some 3,000 years ago the essence and principle of remain the same.

Capitalizing his experience and exposure to the e-business, Richard Tan has developed the Online I Ching Divination Report for the benefit of others. He simplified the tedious and technical process by standardizing it into few steps, via :

  • Selecting the relevant aspects;
    1. Career/Studies/Interest,
    2. Family/Love/Social/Friend and
    3. Business/Investment. This is provided on the standard form and all you need is to click the relevant aspect. Click to for details stated in Form A.
  • Standardized questions are provided to assist you to raise your question or query relevant to the aspect seek. Click to for details stated in Form A.
  • All you need is to throw or toss the 3-coin for six consecutive throws and click its outcome from 4 possibilities of each throw provided in Form A. In order to get a more authentic and realistic outcome please click here to view the details on how to have a clear mind when asking a question.

All you need to do is to throw or toss the 3-coins (same size) for 6 consecutive throws and click the relevant; aspect, question and the outcome of the divination.

You will get an answer for the question or query raised immediately. Try out our free divination report (login required).

Since in our interpretations of the texts in today’s context and relevant aspects, the diviner cannot access directly to the name, symbols of the original texts to interpret it according to his situation. As our interpretations are quite generalized, it may not directly answer your question and those consulting the I Ching may need to seek a master for advice.

Like any other businesses involving computerized personal services, one cannot expect personal touch like face-to-face consultancy. Hence one has to compromise and be realistic on the service expected from online and it should not be compared to a personal consultancy given by a master.

In order to overcome the limitations, Master Richard Tan has made a serious attempt by incorporating the interpretations of the 64 Hexagram texts written by eminent I Ching scholars into various aspects in today’s context. In this manner it will reduce the possibilities of not answering the diviner appropriately.

By narrowing down the differences pertaining to the individualistic question and the answer given, we designed our answers according to the essence and the hidden meaning promulgated by each of the Hexagram original texts. Our standardized questions can assist and guide the diviner to ask a question so that our answers are more appropriate. By categorizing these questions into 3 different aspects it will narrow down the scopes of the diverse problems likely to be encountered by the potential diviner.

To circumvent and minimize this problem, our notes quoted in the I Ching Divination Report advise the diviner to interpret the answers according to his place in the present situation. Though the outcome in our report may not directly answer one’s question, the essence and the underlying meaning of the Hexagram obtained remained unchanged. So, it is appropriate for one to interpret the answers according to his place in the present situation since the answers given are generalized.

One may also make reference to the original texts to make comparison with our answer in order to have a better perspective on the Hexagram obtained through our online divination. Like the conventional method of I Ching divination, one has to make his own interpretation or seek the help of an I Ching scholar to interpret the symbols, ideographs, commentaries and name of the Hexagram received written by the ancient Chinese sages. In order to get the answer satisfactorily one may refer to an authentic Book of Changes if he has a sound knowledge of the subject.

Despite the limitations and shortcomings of our online I Ching Divination, Richard Tan has made serious efforts to overcome the inherent problems. As mention above, he specifically designed the contents in today’s context pertaining to each Hexagram to assist the diviner since the original texts were written at that time. Furthermore, interpreting the original text into 3 main aspects will cover a wider scope of most of the problems, doubts, confusions or crisis of a person in the modern society. Our main purpose is to provide answers to resolve people’s problems or give appropriate advices using the I Ching Oracles. We simplify the divination procedures, interpreting the contents of the Hexagram for easy comprehension for a layman rather than for academic study or serious students.

In the meantime, we promote the divination using the I Ching Oracles accessible to the masses worldwide through Internet by introducing our online I Ching Divination. It is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and reliable system adopting technology to resolve people’s problem or to overcome their doubt, confusion and on facing a crisis. It is accessible anywhere and anytime; cheap to obtain, reliable and simple to understand and the advices given are sensible and pragmatic for a layman.

Through divination of the I Ching Oracles you’ll be presented with a clearer picture and gain the perspective of your present situation4b and position where the situation is crucial. The presentation of the present information about your future potential makes it easier for you to make appropriate and better judgment-decision5. Without which you are likely to make erroneous and faulty actions and decisions.

The effect on the external circumstances as reveal by the ‘Yao Text’ or Changing Line4c will assist you to adapt to the changes6, take appropriate actions or follow the advice suggested. It also describes the reason for the incoming change, give advice for attainment of goals, aspirations or warnings of potential and/or incoming difficulties or auguries of good fortune, if any.

Knowing your future4d situation as envisaged by the Approached Hexagram enables you to envisage your future potential or tendency on the subject matter. It describes the incoming of tendencies/potentials in your present or proposed path of your divination or inquiry. Having an insight of the outcome of your divination will assist you to behave appropriately, take necessary actions and heed the advices given. This will help you to establish relationship harmony7, making better judgment-decision7, maximize benefits7, mitigate losses7, understanding worldly affairs and situation.

Since the I Ching is an ancient handbook used for divination, the symbols, judgments, lines and interpretations must be accorded to its original text. Due to its antiquity it is futile and meaningless to quote the original texts since very few people can interpret it. We focused on the interpretation on the original texts in the context of personal, social, political, business or worldly situation in the today’s context in our Divination Report4a.

Our online oracle incorporates the interpreted answers extracted from its original texts and compiled with a view to accommodate the frequently asked questions in the context of today’s situation. Our answers are more specific and designed by segregating into 3 main aspects to accommodate the diviners’ questions and avoid been too generalized.

Using the I Ching as a tool for divination can provide us holistic guidance in times of confusion and crisis. As an oracle it actually reveals that our unconscious mind provides us the answer to our question. The I Ching does not itself provide you an answer but only use as a circuit, giving you the answer stored in your subconscious mind. Gaining perspective on your present situation will help you to clear your doubt, confusion and how to resolve, mitigate or avoid the crisis.

This can be applied to your personal, social, relationship, business or worldly situation. It can be in the form of establishing relationship harmony, better decision, maximizing benefits and mitigate losses.

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