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The objective is to make I Ching Consultation online available in the most convenient, economical and fastest manner.

To top this objective, we want to ensure our online I – Ching Consultation Reports will retain its authenticity, essence and concept of the original texts of the I – Ching Oracles with the best of our ability. We hope you will enjoy the resources of this subject and gain new insights into your life for resolving your present personal problems and gaining the perspective of your doubts, confusions, crisis and much more!!!

What is I Ching ?

The I Ching , or Book of Changes is also commonly known as Book of Oracles or Book of Wisdom is a very ancient book that has been in existence for about 5,000 years. It was written, composed and contributed to by four most honored and revered Chinese sages from the ancient times. There are the legendary sages, King Wen and Duke of Zhou both from the Zhou dynasty, Fu Xi and the most revered sage, Confucius. The Chinese consider it as a holy book just like the Holy Bible was to the Christians.

It is a profound book sourced much from the Chinese culture by the four famous Chinese sages during the ancient time. Originally, the book was a handbook used for consultation only but after Confucius had written commentaries on it, called the ten wings it became a book for ancient wisdom.

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