The need for personalized information

Information is critical to everything we do. People need information for various reasons; be it a particular interest, in the search of knowledge, decision making or resolving problems. Appropriate information is critical to enable us to make good judgment and wise decision. We need to understand, digest and assimilate information obtained before our rational mind can make assessments and evaluations; after considering various options to adopt an appropriate decision. Information can be classified as general or specific depending on its purpose and relevance to us.

However, the most relevant information required is often personalized information especially those relating to problems of our present situation; when we are in doubts, pain, fear, guilt, under stress or facing a crisis. It is very important to provide factual information on our present situation so that we can take appropriate actions to resolve the problems or issues.

Though we may gather factual personalized information on our present situation we cannot foresee its future potentials. Only by divining the I Ching Oracles it can clarify and provide us a perspective view on our present situation and the future potentials as well. Thus, it can be considered as a tool to provide us crucial personalized information.

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Most of us are unaware that there is an elemental influence on our luck cycle that affects our emotional intelligence and behavior. The varying state of our luck cycle patterns has a direct impact on our emotions and is reflected in the form of personal expressions; such as pain, fear, guilt, stress, confusion or doubt. When we are feeling unsettled, frustrated, irritable, pessimistic, uncertain or anxious it reveals that we are facing problems and difficulties and an indication of a lackluster luck. In such situation, it indicates a deterioration of our EQ, affect our stable and rational mind; the way we think, believe, feel, behave, slack, disinterested and act. Thus causing us to make poor quality judgment/decision.

Similarly, when experiencing a good luck phase, everything we do seem to turn out well according to our expectations or plans in terms of career, financial, health and personal relationships. Such an occasion is an indication that we are doing alright and is on top of things.

This enables us to have a superior or stable performance as we can manage our thoughts, perceptions, behaviors or feelings well and be more rational, enthusiastic and energetic. Due to the positive elemental influence on the current luck, our emotional intelligence or EQ improves and our luck turns better. We begin to feel optimistic and confident; an indication that luck is on our side.

We can conclude that there is a close relationship between our luck and EQ since the elemental influence affects our emotional intelligence and is reflected in our personal luck cycles.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI) is broadly classified into 5 domains; knowing, managing and motivating our emotions, recognizing and handling relationship.

If we are able to know, manage and motivate our emotions well; then we are not misled by whims, fancies or idiosyncrasies since our emotions are stable, senses are rational and we are sensible in our behaviors or perceptions, have a stable mindset and proper attitudes.

Similarly, if we are having problems and difficulties, we are likely to feel frustrated, unsettled, slackness, careless, irritable, pessimistic, uncertain or anxious. We can be easily overcome by pain, fear, guilt, stress, confusion or doubt. If we let the negative elemental influence affect our emotions without taking any remedial and positive actions then our EI is adversely affected.

To recognize and handle relationships are two of the five domains of our emotional intelligence. Our ability to recognize our emotions, sensitivity to other idiosyncrasies and handle relationships will definitely improve our social interactions with others especially loved ones.

If we can improve in these two aspects, it will help us in our social, working and family life and contribute to the success in our career, profession and relationships.

We should let our head rule instead of our emotions or heart when making a decision, initiating a plan or action. When we are experiencing a state of pain, fear, doubt, confusion, uncertainty or under stress, it will certainly affect our confidence, feelings, enthusiasm, social interactions, judgment-decision and performance-output.

Our EQ or IQ does not only concern us as an individual but as a leader or superior especially when we are part of a team, group or organization. As a leader or superior our ability to be sensitive to others’ idiosyncrasies, empathy or flexibility to adapt to strange environment will definitely help us to carry out our duties well. We should abstain or refrain from making any major decisions and taking rash actions at this period when encountering an adverse situation.

However, when dealing with sensitive or pressing issues that need our immediate attention, it can give us headache and put us in a confused state. In such situation we need to seek a viable solution or means to make better judgment-decision-action to resolve it promptly. Since our behavior is unsettled, erratic or irritable due to an unstable emotion and mind; we cannot possibly rationalize well, make sound judgment-decision and take appropriate action.

Hence we should monitor, manage and motivate our emotional intelligence and be able to recognize and handle relationships for the betterment of ourselves.

Apart from Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Applied Intelligence (AI) Emotional Quotient (EQ) can also contribute to our success in life in various aspects. EQ can shape our performance via: ability to know, manage, motivate our emotions; to recognize and handle situations and relate to others. If we can improve the five domains, our EQ can improve tremendously via the ability to steer the positive aspects of such emotions will assist us and motivate others. This will contribute to our success or achievements in our career, profession, financial and relationships.

Therefore improving our EQ will increase our performance-output to boost our career upwards; in a layman term our luck improves. Similarly, when our EQ is negatively affected by the unfavorable ruling elemental influence it can adversely affect our performance-output due to poor judgment-decision and our ability to handle situations and others also deteriorate.

In order to improve our emotional quotient we can divine and consult the I Ching Oracles to assist us to stabilize our EQ in order to enhance our luck. Consulting the I Ching Oracles will help us improve our EQ by seeking our infinite intelligence and wisdom resident in our subconscious mind by providing a perspective view on our doubt, uncertainty, confusion, fear, stress or resolve our problems.

Once we can clarify and have a perspective view of our present situation and the stages of development in certain circumstances, we can take appropriate advice and actions instructed by the outcome of the hexagram received from our divination. Each hexagram represents a definite present situation out of the sixty-four situations covering almost all possible situations we are likely to encounter in our lifetime. It also advises us what to do and what not to do to in order to obtain good fortune and to avoid misfortune. When taking appropriate actions to resolve our problems or matters we can certainly benefit from it by improving our relationships with others, career achievement, better health or improvement in financial matters.

An improvement of our EQ will indirectly improve our luck via; emotional stability, sensible behaviors, better perceptions, stable mindset and proper attitudes. In this manner, with our stable emotion and sensible mind we will not be easily misled by whims or fancies and able to control our obtrusive behaviors or idiosyncrasies. Similarly we are able to understand, articulate, assess and being critical of our judgment-decision on the current local, natural phenomenon and worldly economic and political environment and future potentials. This will prevent us from undertaking highly volatile business and risky ventures or making irrational decision at this crucial time.

Hence, it is pertinent that we must be able to know, manage and motivate our emotion, recognize and handle relationships in order to improve our luck.

Once we can tap the infinite intelligence and wisdom resident in our subconscious mind using the I Ching Oracles it can contribute positively to our success as :

  • Improving performance or output
  • Enabling us to have effective communications with others
  • Knowing, managing, motivating our emotions, and recognizing and handling relationship
  • Sensitive to others’ idiosyncrasies and understand their feelings
  • Achieve success in careers, financial, relationship and health matters
  • Becoming a more balanced person
  • Maintaining a positive emotional state at all times and during critical moments to make judgment, decision or call the shots
  • Applying our physical and mental strength wisely with senses and feelings
  • Resolving problems and misunderstandings effectively

Let us scrutinize and visualize the elemental influence of the luck conditions in terms of luck pillars on our emotional quotient affecting our quality of life as in the following diagram :

Through the method of analyzing our personalized destiny called BaZi; the luck pillars as an integral part of the system can reveal the pattern of our emotional behavior. This takes in the form of elemental influence on the ruling element of our luck affecting our EQ. During a good luck cycle we are actually encountering a favorable elemental phase; as a result we experience a happy mood, contented feeling, inspired and motivated and an overall positive attitude. In the process we are tapping the positive chi or energies, become emotionally stable by changing the way we think, believe, feel and behave positively. Under this situation we can achieve more in term of better relationships, performance, financial gain and career advancement.

Under this good luck cycle we may achieve good performance-output or results by helping to improve our EQ. It will motivate and inspire us as a result of our earlier successes. Our emotions become stable, we are clear minded, more focused, motivated, inspired and will strive harder and aim to achieve greater success and happiness.

Remember that, good luck will not last forever or do not presume that there are no problems during this time. Occasionally, we may encounter some hiccups or obstacles during this cycle and we must not leave it unresolved. We should not assume everything is alright during this phase and do things without careful thoughts, deliberations, proper planning and regular monitoring the progress as this can cause us losses or disappointments.

Similarly, we cannot take our loved ones for granted or be unconcerned of their wellbeing as this may result in relationship problems later on. During good times we may also need to consult the I Ching Oracles for clarification if our intuition senses that all is not right even when everything appears to be working marvelously. Even at such good times we are likely to encounter some problems, warned the I Ching Oracles.

Similarly, when encountering a poor luck cycle we are actually encountering an unfavorable elemental phase and this has adversely affects our EQ. Our ability to sense or rationalize is adversely affected, our thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and feelings also deteriorated. As a result we are not expected to do well in most aspects whether in career, financial or relationships.

We are likely to experience negative feelings revealed through our expressions; such as guilt, pain, stress, doubt or fear. Under this situation these negative and obtrusive behaviors can actually affect our performance-output in whatever endeavors undertaken.

It will affect our emotions negatively resulting in negative outcomes unless appropriate remedial actions are taken to mitigate it or improve the situation promptly. Our confidence shattered, attitudes changed and as a result we are uncertain, doubtful, irrational, stressed; ultimately overpowering our state of mind. If we do not take remedial action it will escalate, resulting in a vicious cycle.


Whatever the state of luck we are encountering, we are encouraged to tap the infinite intelligence and wisdom resident in our subconscious mind for the betterment of our life. The I Ching Oracles is used as a medium to tap our subconscious mind. Adopting the commonsense instructions and ethical values enshrined in it; we can take the appropriate advices and relevant actions according to our present situation and its potential future will definitely help us to improve our luck.

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