Premium ReportOur most popular report


Gain a comprehensive insight into important aspects of your life :

  • Personality
  • Love and Romance
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Luck Chart for next 36 months
  • Feng Shui Advice
  • And much more …

Platinum Report Featuring a 365-day daily luck list


Find out your good times for romance and financial luck to make better plans, decisions or judgements

  • Personalized Diary of each day's luck
  • Description of personality
  • Romance & Compatibilities
  • Suitable Professions
  • Personalized Feng Shui

Gold Report Provides a list of your lucky days


  • Optimize your gambling luck & investments
  • Personalized auspicious dates and times
  • Dates classified into 3 categories to suit the level of odds

Silver ReportSelect auspicious dates for important occasions


  • Personalized Auspicious Dates for next 9 months
  • Optimal state of being, physically, psychologically and psychic-wise for an individual
  • Great days for holding important events or occasions
  • Uses BaZi to identify your favorite elements
  • Match against the Tung Shu Almanac to select the Auspicious Dates

I Ching Divination ReportResolve your problems today with the ancient I Ching Oracles


Based on the Texts of the I Ching Oracles interpreted into today’s context

  • Helps to resolve your present problems whether in Career, Love, Relationship, Investment or Business
  • Presents answers in a language that is easy to understand, comprehensive, devoid of ambiguity