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FIND YOUR LUCKY DAYS ...Our New Online Service.

Since the launch of our website in February 2004, we have received fantastic response to our online BaZi reading service. Clients rave about the usefulness of our Premium Report in helping them understand themselves, their relationships with others better, their choice of career or timing to start a business. And a sizeable group greatly value the insights into their luck cycle. Many of our clients were interested in how to utilize this knowledge of their luck cycle to improve their chances in gaming and investment activities.

In response to this, E-BaZi is pleased to introduce an exciting new online service known as 'Your Personalized Lucky Days'. This special program has been designed and developed by Master Richard Tan and thoroughly tested with numerous test cases to verify its accuracy. It will be particularly useful for those keen to optimise their money luck in the games of chances, speculative and investment activities.

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Our popular Premium Report, developed using the same concepts and principles grounded on Chinese metaphysic, continues to provide comprehensive insight into many important aspects of life including personality, love and romance, career, relationships with love ones, personalized luck cycles and Feng Shui advice.

The visual presentation of one's personal luck cycle in the form of a bar chart for the next 36 months has proven to be a most practical, concise and innovative presentation.
Now, the introduction of our latest 'Personalized Lucky Days Report' is a further step towards our goal of enabling everyone to use BaZi in practical and constructive ways. is committed to enhancing its online BaZi services and will be introducing other exciting services soon.
Live life to the fullest!!!

Take an instant BaZi reading now and discover the secrets of your life.

Consult and/or Divine the I Ching Oracles or Book of Wisdom to harness our Subconscious Mind Power to resolve any events particularly on facing a crisis, problems or predicaments in all situations.
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