John Travolta's Luck Indices on his movies takings

Through our personal lifetime experiences, numerous researches and case studies we discovered that Heaven Luck has a great extend affects a person’s wealth/income derived from his career and/or investments. Heaven Luck determines one’s destiny and pattern of his luck cycles in additional from the influence of the Earthly and Mankind luck on his quality of life.

We are focusing on Heavenly Luck especially the state of the pattern of the luck cycle to measure the income of a person at a particular point in time. Master Richard Tan uses a software program developed by him that can completely automate the process of reading, interpreting and analyzing one’s destiny and pattern of his luck cycles. We used the ‘Moderated Monthly Luck Indices’ as a barometer in conjunction with the ‘Moderated Yearly Luck’ and ‘Luck Pillar’ indices to interpret the state of his luck patterns.

Now let us look at a famous movie star, John Travolta whose movie career in Hollywood can be critically examined and assessed and the influences of his luck indices on his past movies takings. By segregating and differentiating his Heavenly Luck into destiny and luck indices, supported by mankind luck pertaining to his movies takings.

We used his personalized Luck Indices in the form of ‘Moderated Monthly Luck Indices’ as a barometer to measure his quality of life at a certain time, particularly the financial aspect. It can also be used as a guide to indicate the prevailing condition of his quality of life in many aspects like wealth, career, education, health, happiness and aspiration at that time. However, other aspects can also be explained by the elemental influence on his quality of life.

The amount of one’s income generated during that period to a certain extent may be affected directly or indirectly and has a profound influence on his happiness, health, career, relationships, status and aspiration. A higher luck indices may improves his financial position but not necessarily improves his quality of life unless he uses his mankind luck to improve the other aspects of life. He should aware of the importance of his relationships with his loved ones, take care of his health of fulfilling of his aspiration and spiritual needs apart from satisfying his material and financial needs.

There are numerous instances or cases where he encountered a period with a higher luck index but did not indicate an increased in his movies takings. However, it may improve the other aspects of his life and making him a happier person. Likewise, during a period of mixed luck index he may experience higher movies takings or more income from other sources but this may not indicate an overall improvement of his quality of life.

Now we shall analyze the role played by three distinctive factors, Destiny, Luck and other Commercial Factors influencing his movies takings.

D1) He is endowed with abundance of intelligent/creative/talent/aspiration aspect represented by the abundance of fire element for a wood person. This important aspect is crucial for him and he has the potential of achieving immerse success in his acting career. However, destiny alone with the support of a series of auspicious luck pillars is impossible for him to last for such a long span of time in his movie career.

D2) The presence of the ruling earth element in the hour pillar of his BaZi and upon encountering of a wealth element in his luck pillar, year, month indicating his opportunity to create more wealth during those periods. . For any entertainer, actor or singer to make exceptional good money he must encounter the element representing wealth and the criteria and must be represented by an auspicious period.

D3) The presence of the ruling element in the luck pillar, year and month representing his status aspect indicates his popularity in his movie career. For any entertainer, actor or singer upon encountering a ruling element he may become popular and such popularity will attract more audiences or moviegoers that increase its takings. The status period must also be represented by an auspicious period.

D4) Since he has excessive intelligent/inspiration/creativity/expression element in his BaZi and luck pillar or year represented by such fire element is likely to affect him drastically and changed his emotion, behavior and attitude. During such period he is likely to be complacent, carefree, relaxed, or adopt other negative behavior such as being aggressive, careless, could not careless attitude, obnoxious or rebellious. He may have changed his priorities from his acting career to romance, pursuing other personal interest during such period rather than focusing on his movie career. He was in a position to enjoy from the achievements of his earlier movies success and having making a lot of money from them.

This explains why the 3 movies acted by him flopped during these periods represented by this aspect. The total takings for the 3 movies during that period was USD 17.1 million for the 5 year period over his total takings of USD 1.92 billion over 30 years, though the period of the 3 movies released as a mixed ‘moderated monthly luck indices’.

L1) Generally, a period with a higher ‘moderated monthly luck index’ generally indicates a higher movie taking for the movie acted in his acting career.

L2) Generally, a period with a lower ‘moderated monthly luck index’ generally indicates a lower movie taking pertaining to his acting career.

L3) The release of any movie during a low yearly and/or monthly luck index will affect his movie taking.

L4) The 5-year luck pillar comprising of wealth and/or status aspect increased his movie success in terms of improvement of movie taking or popularity ratings, respectively.

L5) The moderated Monthly Luck Index, representing the weighted averages of the indices of the Luck Pillar, Yearly and Monthly Luck has a profound impact on his movies taking provided being classified as Mixed, Good or Excellent.

L6) The 5-year luck pillar with low index is likely to affect his movie takings.

L7) His acting skill is not very highly rated but his has an impeccable dancing talent. The prevailing trend or taste of the moviegoers at a certain period, especially the disco fever in the 70’s had a profound impact on his movies takings is revealed at the later stage of his acting career and not solely determined by his luck.

L8) Though the 5-year luck pillar during the age of 25 – 29 us represented by an earth element, when combined with the Yang wood element of the year pillar of the earthly branch to become a resultant element of earth. However, there is a changed of its form and affects

F1) The existing demand trend of moviegoers at a particular period can dramatically affect his movies takings. With his talent in acting and dancing during the 70’s disco era has naturally boost his popularity and boosting his 2 movies takings in 1977 and 1978, respectively. These 2 movies were ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Grease’ with massive takings constitute more than 30% of the total movie takings at the date this article was written, in real money term.

F2) We did not solely use John Travolta’s luck indices as a barometer to measure his movie taking only. A higher index represents his improvement of his personal luck in other aspects such as better relationships with his loved ones, better health and personal satisfaction. Thus, we highlighted the limitations of the role played by one’s personalized luck indices in term of wealth creation opportunity. Luck alone is not conclusive that one should enjoy better income upon encountering a period with a higher luck index.

F3) The length of the breaks in between the numbers of movies released in a certain period may affect the takings of the immediate succeeding movies. For instance, the movie released immediately after ‘Get Shorty’ (USD 72 million released on 20/10/95) and the one under called ‘White Man’ Burden’ (USD 3.6 million released on 01/12/95) was a flop. Another instance is after a successful released of Face (USD 112.7 million released on 27/06/97) and the immediate ensuing movies takings plunged are ‘She’s So Lovely’ (USD 7.2 million released on 29/08/97) and ‘Mad City’ (USD 10.5 million released on 07/11/97).

F4) The credibility of other people involved in the movie particularly the scriptwriter, producer and director can also affect the taking. The role he played, promotional and marketing expenditure incurred to promote the movie will affect its taking.

F5) Movie released in the festive season may improve its taking compared with normal time. For instance movie releases during Christmas will generate higher takings. We also have taken into consideration the release of competitors’ movies at the same time are likely to pose a threat and take away a slice of the moviegoer tickets.

F6) The repetitiveness of the ensuing movie is likely to generate a lower ticket taking since the storyline is often quite similar and moviegoers are likely to get bored due to the similarity and repetitiveness and is unlikely to be repetitive as before.

F7) Other attributing factors that only movie critics can provide an insight and answer as to the success and failure of a particular movie in the form of ratings.

Take a look at the John Tarvolta's Movie Takings against his Moderated Monthly Luck Indices table for more details.

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By critically examining John Travolta’s past 34 movie takings as tabulated in Table 4 we use Chinese metaphysic i.e. the 4 Pillars of Destiny or Bazi to answer our findings as to the various factors affecting their fluctuations.

Out of the 34 movies takings we managed to answer 32 of them, using his Heavenly Luck consisting of destiny and luck indices supplemented by other factors to explain the fluctuations. However, 2 movies can only be answered by analyzing the influence of mankind luck on their deviations from the general principles and concepts advocated by destiny and luck by this Chinese ancient art of fortune-telling.

We leave it to movie critics to answer the reasons for the deviations pertaining to the 3 movies takings. To cover all the answers to such variations in the movie takings we also incorporated some commercial factors into the Other Factors, 1 to 7 above. These answers may assist us to answer such deviations as opposed to our findings that these movies takings were affected by his ‘moderated monthly luck index’. For details and clarification read ‘Five Factors of Success’ that provides a more in-depth analysis.

We conclude that there is a strong relationship between the varying amounts of his movies takings being closely associated with the different state of his luck indices at a particular period. The 4 Pillars of Destiny can be used to diagnose and segregate the respective influence factors into heaven, earth and mankind luck on all his movie takings. However, the other aspects of his life can also be explained by the elemental influence of the ruling element for the luck pillar, yearly and monthly. On conclusion, generally when a person encounters a higher luck index he is likely to be luckier and find it relatively easier to improve his quality of life, especially in exercising his actions and possibly produced better results.

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