Thinking about buying a lottery ticket today? You may be interested to know what you can actually go online to find out whether you're "predetermined" to win it big!

Authentic Destiny (ADestiny) is a website dedicated to E-Bazi or Bazi, derived from the ancient Chinese form of fortune-telling. It "tells" you your success rate for the day and even the rest of your life.

Bazi is not another crystal ball or card-reading stunt. According to Adestiny creator and Bazi master Richard Tan, it has been proven to be the most accurate form of fortune-telling.

"There is no intuition, clairvoyance or hypnosis involved. It is a specific system using intricate mathematical data and metaphysic based on the person's gender, date, place and time of birth to analyse predetermined future."

Master Richard Tan

Steer the Rudder to Success
Source: New Straits Times - Life & Times
Author: Karina Foo
Date: 8 Sep 2005