With the Lunar New Year looming on the horizon, it is especially relevant that we take a look at how the 12 animal signs will fare in the coming year. These generalized predictions are based on one's year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. Here, BaZi expert, Master Richard Tan, gives a brief insight on how people born under the different animal signs will fare in the coming Year of the Metal Rabbit.

Rat - This is a relatively calm and uneventful year for the Rat native. However, you should be careful when dealing with financial matters in order to avoid any losses or getting cheated. Pertaining to family matters or workplace you should be more careful and exercise more tolerance as there may be some hiccups or misunderstandings arising from dealing with others. Notwithstanding this, you should improve your net workings and establish new contacts to get new opportunities in looking for new jobs or business opportunities. There may be new members added into your family for the year.

Ox- Though a fair year you may have to settle some outstanding matters or problems inherited last year or to tie some loose ends. You may lose some monies due to wrong investments; collect dues from others whether from friends or business associates. You may make progress in your career or benefit from your investments or business. Healthwise you are alright but may experience some sadness due to sickness or demise of someone you are close or associated with.

Tiger - Generally it is a moderate year for the tiger native. During this year you may be lucky as others may come to your help if needed. However, it is advisable for you to avoid or defer taking any risky ventures as things may not turn out as well as it ought to be. This is a year where you may incur extra expenditures or cannot save your money as unexpected events may force you to spend more. However, health-wise is generally good and you will not suffer any major illness.

Rabbit - This is an auspicious year for those born in the year of the Rabbit. Overall you will experience personal advancements whether in career, financial matters or job promotion. You may get unexpected windfalls, rewards, benefits or even recover financial losses incurred in the past. This is a special year for you as you can execute your plans without hitches and things may come the way you want it to be. There may also be happy tidings at home, celebrations or additional members into the family or homecoming of a member of the family.

Dragon - After a hectic and eventful Tiger year, the Year of the Rabbit will be a calm and more peaceful year for the Dragon native. However, you may experience a relatively progressive year as a result of the efforts you put in the past year and experience some financial gains and witness some advancement in certain aspects during the year, Domestic front is more settled but you may experience minor health problems. You are unlikely to experience some undesirable happenings such as major financial losses or bad news.

Snake - A fairly happy but busy year for the Snake native as you may be tied up with some personal commitments. You may not be able to find enough time to spend with your closed ones or fulfill your promise made to them. Moneywise is a touch-and-go kind of situation and you may not be able to save as much as you wanted.

Horse - The horse native will experience a happy period, especially matters dealing with money such as: investments. It is one of the best years you ever encounter and life is quite xsooth sailing. You may receive good news such as adding new members to your family. It is a year for you to seek new adventures such as changing new career, investment opportunities or pursuing higher education, technical training or acquire new skills since you are unlikely to encounter major obstacles.

Ram - This is a fairly good year for the Ram native and you may get financial benefits, career promotion or travelling opportunities. However, you may face some personal problems on domestic matters or misunderstandings due to your neglect or lack of attention given to your loved ones. You should pay attention to your health you may encounter some minor accidental injuries. You are advised to take special care of your physical wellbeing. Luckily, you may emerge unscratched from all these troubles and may gain more financially in the process.

Monkey - This is an auspicious year for the Monkey native during the year of the Rabbit native. For some reasons you may receive unexpected windfalls from unlikely sources. Career and financial prospects are bright and there is chance of job promotion or financial gains through investments or betting. Overall, you’ll experience peace and tranquility in your working environment and domestic front. This is the year you may venture into new opportunities both in career, financial dealings or seeking a new environment.

Rooster - A fairly good year only if the Rooster native remains conservative on his outlook. Otherwise, you are looking for trouble if you are overly ambitious by taking risking financial ventures such as: involving in speculative activities. You must adopt a conservative approach as you are prone to make major mistakes in calculating your budget such as unpredictable income and/or unexpected expenses. However, if you intend to venture in any financial or business pursuit then you should partner with others rather than striking out alone.

Dog - This is a favorable year for the Dog native to fulfill his goal or inspiration. You may venture into any business or financial deal by partnering others or even strike out on your own. There will not be any major obstacle to impede your progress both in career, business or personal development. At the same time through your progress you may help others especially those who are partners due to your success. This is one of the best years you will ever encounter in terms of settling unsettled cases, sensitive issues or misunderstanding especially in personal relationships.

Pig - This is a fairly good year for the Pig native as whatever you do, you are able to produce reasonable or expected results. This is a year where there is no major upheavals or impediments that affect your personal, career, business or financial affair. This is a time you also achieve some financial gains and able to consolidate and propel you to achieve your aim. On the domestic front it is a calm and happy affair and there are more socializing and more entertainments to make.

The predictions provided here are rather simplistic. It can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide or taken seriously when making important decisions. For more personalized and accurate predictions for the coming new year, one needs to analyze one’s date, time and place of birth in accordance with BaZi which can be used to make more accurate, personalized predictions.

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