Every year, as we approach the new Chinese Lunar Year, we tend see a barrage of predictions made by astrologers and fortunetellers for the upcoming lunar year. Most of these predictions are based on the 12 animal signs. The predictions are often generalized and rather simplistic as they are based on one’s year of birth in relation to the ruling animal sign of the Chinese Lunar Year. The predictions are made to satisfy general curiosity but do not serve the specific needs of an individual. At times, it can be reasonably accurate but should not be used as a guide when making important decisions.

For more personalized and accurate predictions for the new year, one needs to analyse one’s date, time and place of birth. The Chinese metaphysics called BaZi or the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’ can be used to make personalized predictions since it segregate human beings into 12.96 million individuals compared with the simple system based on the 12 animal signs. The prediction is based on the two ruling elements representing the heavenly stem and the earthly branch. The starting of the new year on this metaphysics is based on the Hsia Calendar using the solar system and normally begins on the 4th February and ends at 3rd February of the following year. The Chinese Lunar Year is represented by the five elements for the 12 animal signs. The current year is the Fire Dog (Fire Earth) and next lunar year is the Fire Pig (Fire Water). The predictions are based on your self-element, components elements and current luck pillar of your BaZi in relation to the ruling two elements of the year concerned.

Below, Master Richard Tan provides us with a general prediction on how various people born under respective animal signs will fare in the Year of the Fire Pig.

How the different animal sign fares in the Fire Pig Year:

Rat - The rat person has not made much progress for the year in his endeavors. He has to take stock and consolidate his position whether in business or investments. He may have to spend more money to concede to the unreasonable demands of his family members and even friends by sparing his time and money. On this particular year, he may need to take care of his health to avoid future complications. He could also lose some money or possessions.

Ox - This could be a busy time for the people under the sign of the ox. Though it is a busy year, he may not achieve the desired results or progress through his conscientious efforts. However, he should not complain or fret as these contacts form the network for his future needs. Generally considered a mixed year, as there may be some squabbles and conflicts both in the work place and on the home front that may affect him. Overall, he may fare reasonably well and the numerous problems or squabbles are minor or petty ones.

Tiger - At the beginning of the year the tiger person will experience some good income but needs to careful in spending since it could not last for long. He must also be on his guard with new acquaintances or involvement in high-risk investments or business opportunities as this can drastically affect his financial resources.

Rabbit - Generally a mixed year for the Rabbit person. He should not be too optimistic or idealistic as perceived. Hence, he should not make unnecessary commitments and also unnecessary guarantees or pomp promises. Unusual problems and happenings may surface and the rabbit is cautioned not to be overly confident in his dealings, but instead to protect his interests and reputation.

Dragon - The native Dragon will experience vast improvements during the year after encountering the dark period of the dog year. Yet, he may have to sort out some major problems accrued from last year. This will be a mixed year in term of career or financial aspects. There will be lots of traveling and entertainment and there is no major problem in his family life.

Snake - This will be a hectic and poor year for the Snake person. He may not be rewarded for his efforts in whatever endeavor undertaken. Furthermore, there are disappointments that he has to stomach. Due to some poor judgments, he may suffer some losses in his investments or speculative activities. He may also encounter some problems in his personal relationship especially with loved ones. He should tread and act cautiously during the year, as he is prompt to make mistakes.

Horse - This is not a favorable year for horse people as plans and progress are affected by outside interference beyond your control. Career and investments will experience snags and hiccups and he has to deal with the delicate situation or complications. However, things take a turn for the better in the later part in the year.

Ram - A reasonable year for the Ram native as he may recover from last year’s problems. However, his position is still shaky and uncertain and he will not be able to relax, as he has not fully recovered. He may be suspicious of his friends and associates due to his experiences with them. On the domestic front, he may neglect loved ones, as he is fully committed in his career or business. Financially he may be able to access to the money or funds withheld from him.

Monkey - An unfavorable year for those born in the year of the monkey. There may be troubles arising from disputes over financial, business or handling of legal matters. He can only resolve such problems on conditions that he has to make concessions by making compromises or swallowing his pride. This particular year, he should wary of trusting others, as he may get disappointed. He should not enter into business ventures with others for it can be risky and unrewarding.

Rooster - This is a very unsettling year for the rooster, as he may face difficulties. There will be domestic problems and he may encounter difficulties in his career. He may get the wrong advice from those he asks to make important decisions or he may be influenced to spend unnecessarily or make financial commitments beyond his means. He will not get good news and like the adage goes ‘no news is good news’.

Dog - A stable year for the Dog native. He may gain through his speculative activities, windfall and other benefits. However, career wise he may not get what he wished for or get favorable results in business. This is a good year to build up his networking by getting new contacts especially the influential ones.

Pig -The Pig native will make some progress and financial gains this year after the past lackluster year. At home and work place he may face some frictions but is not of a due concern since it is only a minor setback. However, health wise he may have to take precaution and be careful in his diet. At the end of the year he may make new friends, given career or business opportunities.

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