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Online Agent Program

In response to numerous requests from our clients, we are pleased to introduce this Online Agent Program to cater for those interested in marketing & distributing our Online BaZi Reports.

With this program, you can purchase our Online BaZi Reports at special rates, about 30% lower than the standard download prices on our website. Agents are free to resell the downloaded reports to their clients at any price determined by them.

Appropriate Businesses or Individuals

This exciting new business opportunity is suitable for any person with an interest in BaZi or Feng Shui. A list of possible businesses or individuals who could benefit from this program :

  1. Feng Shui/BaZi consultants
  2. Shops dealing with Feng Shui products
  3. Beauty Care/Hair Salon Operators
  4. Retail Outlet/Kiosk in shopping centers
  5. Tourist Attraction Centers
  6. Direct Sales Agents
  7. Insurance & Financial Planners
  8. Individuals

Our Program provides an opportunity to those interested in marketing our BaZi reports to create an attractive additional income stream. Due to their easy access and contact to shoppers or personal contact with clients or customers it is easy for them to resell our online reports for a good profit.

Protection of Our Agents

We will protect our Online Agents as we committed not to sell our online reports at a discount which are specifically given to our approved agents. We will quote our selling prices on these online reports at full prices in our website.

How our Online Bazi Reports can be used as cross-selling to assist our Agents

Since our Online Personalized BaZi Reports deals with an individual’s personal life, personal touch and confidentiality is important. The most appropriate business persons are those having a large clientele base and in constant touch with their clients. They often need to service their clients and at the same time can sell our Online BaZi Reports as a cross-selling product. Similarly, our BaZi reports can also assist them to bond their common interest and in this manner it can help them to attract and secure more clients. Our services can contribute to the growth of their networking in the long run apart from treating it as an opportunity to supplement their income.

Please click here to register as an agent under our Online Agent Program.

Our Online Reports are:

You may click the relevant Sample Report to see what the reports can offer you and your potential clients.
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