Using BaZi to optimize your winning chances

Many people are drawn to try their luck in games of chance. They hope to win and perhaps sometimes handsomely.

Most people think Luck is a random affair. You win some days, you lose on other days. However, the underlying principles on how the odds on risk and return work most often favour the banker or bookmaker.

You should know this as a punter or a speculator. In this way, you should be wise and only bet when your luck in on a roll.

A note of caution

Some people simply do not have the necessary luck to gamble or reap returns from speculative activities. This can be revealed from their personalized BaZi reading. Those who fall into this category are strongly advised to stay away from such activities.

However, if you are not in that category, you should be wise in your punting or speculation activities. When you are in luck as mapped out in your BaZi, you can try your luck within that period. If you are not favoured with gambling luck, you should concentrate on building a career and avoid getting involved in conducting risky business with high stakes. A lack of proper guidance and self-awareness can bring untold financial woes.

BaZi Luck Chart

Our Gold report has been meticulously designed to provide you with auspicious dates/times for your participation in game of chances. The date and hour selected represent the time when one is full of vitality to start the event and he will have an edge over the other players.

By selecting an auspicious date/time and sitting direction, wearing the right colour clothing and complimented with the appropriate gemstones, the preparation can assist him as long as the positioning of the sitting direction is in harmony with the one prescribed by the Tung Shu on that date.

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