The Chinese believe that a person's success or failure is dependent on 5 major factors ranked in order of importance as below

Destiny is determined by the day and time we were born.

This is the pattern of ups and downs one is experiencing during one's lifetime. It is generally accepted that luck plays an important role in our life.

The environment and surroundings we live in, referring to not only the physical but also the cosmic aspect of our surroundings that include time and space dimension.

This refers to the personal characteristics of a person's character, like honesty, kindness, helpfulness, benevolence, industriousness, forgiveness and other positive traits.

This not only refers to a person's academic achievements but also includes professional training, acquiring technical know-how and other general knowledge like politics, economics, world affairs and other subjects that may assist one's career.

One's success and failure in life is also determined and influenced greatly by luck which is broadly categorized into 3 kinds :

  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • Mankind

The five factors of success fall into one of these three kinds of luck. Apart from the two most universally acknowledged factors, Character and Education, we consider destiny, luck and feng shui are also important factors. Therefore, it is recommended to be aware of the complementary role of destiny, luck and feng shui in any effort to improve the quality of one's life. Please see the following figure for an overview

Let us analyze and critically examine these factors:

Our life to a great extent is determined by the day, time and place of birth and also our set of parents. The inborn strengths and weaknessesof a person's characteristics and aspects can be revealed through one's personalized BaZi or other methods of fortune telling (1).

However, the inborn strengths and weaknesses of one's characteristics and aspects can be strengthened and improved by adopting a positive approach like character building and pursuing higher education. Such strengths and weaknesses are not conclusive that one cannot improve or achieve a better quality in one's life in areas such as wealth, health, status, career, relationships and happiness.

Our luck cycles (2) are related and interfaced to our destiny. The patternof our luck cycles follows a predictable and logical pattern and not on a random basis. The state of one's luck will affect his endeavors and quality of life at a particular point in time and is not the same throughout our life.

By nurturing positive mental attitude and also taking preemptive actions or exercising appropriate restraints at the right time one can make use of his understanding in respect of the state of his luck cycle to his benefits. If one is experiencing a downward cycle he should be more understanding, vigilant, careful and impose more restraints in his decisions or actions. Likewise, he should plan to capitalize on his incoming good fortune and be more proactive in order to maximize his upward luck cycle.

The region, country, place or environment in which we were born and live in also affects our lives. Feng shui refers to the environment we live in and according to the Chinese it can affect the quality of our life. On a broader context we should take into consideration the social, political and economic conditions of the country and the environment of one's workplace and/or abode as it will also affect one's quality of life. A more prosperous, stable and safer country with a cleaner or better environment will enhance one's quality of life. Likewise, a poorer, political unstable, war torn country, a dirtier or hazardous environment will affect one's quality of life.

Feng Shui (3) refers to the environmental factor that affects one's quality of life. Having good feng shui will improve one's quality of life in one or more aspects such as wealth, health, education, career, relationship and status. Likewise having bad feng shui will adversely affect one's quality of life on the relevant aspects dramatically.

Feng Shui has a profound effect on destiny since it can be used as a tool to modify the quality of one's life. Whilst BaZi predicts one's personalized destiny and categorizing the ups and downs of his luck cycle, feng shui can change the intensity and degree of such luck volatility. If one has good feng shui he can become more prosperous during his up cycle and lessen the impact during his down cycle. Therefore, we must reckon that one's destiny and feng shui are important factors contributing to his quality of life that have long been recognized by the Chinese.

There should not be any doubt that personal effort can greatly improve one's quality of life. Many people from poorer backgrounds or in a disadvantaged position have used personal effort together with the backing of a good destiny and luck and to transform themselves into successful or famous persons as proven throughout the history of mankind. But it must also be noted that only those successful ones are recognized but how about the unknown ones who also put in a lot of effort but failed. The differenceis in their destiny and luck.

Character (4) generally refers to personal characteristics and personality of a person's character, like honesty, kindness, industriousness, being charitable, forgiveness, positive mental attitude and other positive traits.

However, one can improve his personality or spiritual needs by actively indulging in social and charitable work and religious study. One may also attend courses or participate in various social and religious activities for personal development. Such benevolent work and social and/or religious activities can improve one's quality of life in terms of self-fulfillment and social or religious obligation.

Education (5) not only refers to a person's academic achievements but also include updating of one's professional training, acquiring technical know-how and other general knowledge like politics, economics, world affairs and other subject that can assist one's career. Most governments have recognized the importance of educated in nurturing a society and for nation building. With a higher and better education workforce it can help to sustain economic growth especially in service, high tech and knowledge-based economy. Globalization also necessitates job seekers to acquire better professional marketable academic qualifications and/or technically be more skilful so that he can be more command a higher income.

Therefore, it would be wise for us to look into all these ingredients without ignoring any one of these factors that can assist us to improve our quality of life. From the outset we should not totally ignore the fact that destiny, luck and feng shui also play an important role affecting the quality of our life. Doing so will make it more difficult for one to achieve a better quality of life, especially in a lackluster period or to fully understand the meaning of what life is all about.

The ancient Chinese have devised the Ganzhi system during the Tang dynasty AD 618-907 and it was widely practiced during the Song dynasty AD 960-1127. These 2 dynasties are considered as the peak of ancient Chinese civilization and regarded as the 'Chinese Renaissance' period. The Ganzhi system is adopted by BaZi and used for the prediction of a person's destiny. It is still widely practiced today by some Chinese fortune-tellers for diagnosing a person's destiny and predicting his luck cycles with uncanny accuracy.

Knowing one's own destiny, positive actions can be taken to maximize an upward luck trend or to exercise restraints to minimize the impact of a downward luck trend. However, the question is how accurate such prediction can be and this is left to the skill of a BaZi master to reveal one's destiny.