Using the Tung Shu with BaZi

Using BaZi to select Auspicious Dates

Historically, the Chinese people consult the Chinese Almanac or Tung Shu (Book of Auspicious Days) on a daily basis for guidance on what to do and what not to do and when is the best date and time to do something. The Tung Shu is a common reference for decision-making on important matters, such when to start a journey, when to seal a deal, when to tie the matrimonial knot, when not to embark on a business venture, etc. Till today, the Tung Shu remains a best seller with a few million copies printed and sold every year.

Limitations of the Tung Shu

As a guide however, the Tung Shu is too generalized. It prescribes generally without taking the uniqueness of an individual into consideration. Still, the Tung Shu incorporates much relevant advice on matters pertaining to the auspicious directions for Feng Shui and the flying stars of the particular day.

Using the Tung Shu with BaZi

The Tung Shu's limitation is overcome when used in conjunction with the knowledge of a person's BaZi. In other words, using BaZi and the Tung Shu together in selecting auspicious dates increases the authenticity and effectiveness of the prescription.

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An auspicious date, when matched against an individual's BaZi and counter-referenced with the Tung Shu, implies the "optimal state of being, physically, psychologically and psychic-wise" for an individual. In other words, an auspicious date can provide the an individual the best energy level and state of mind to conduct his business. The date selected represents the day when the person is full of vitality and is most equipped at planning and executing or embarking on a journey towards an envisioned destination. Activities such as contract negotiations and signing of S&P Agreement or opening ceremonies can be executed effectively without unnecessary hiccups, problems or subsequent troubles. This gives him a good start and the necessary impetus to push for gains and the ultimate victory.

Auspicious Dates using BaZi and the Tung Shu

Fundamentally, the date chosen should not clash with the person's year of birth and/or the month concerned. The hour recommended should not clash with the intended date. By establishing a person's favourite elements, it must also avoid choosing a day listed by the Almanac or Tung Shu as an inauspicious day, thus covering all possibilities of selecting a wrong date.

While the Tung Shu does not recommend the best date to carry out a certain activity, it provides the day represented by an element, flying star, auspicious directions and days of conflict for each individual. It is therefore wise to use the BaZi to identify the best element for a person and then referring to the Tung Shu to choose an auspicious date.

Another method of choosing "auspicious dates" using Feng Shui is very popular currently. However, its practice of choosing auspicious dates based on the 'kua' of a person is not a recommended approach as this is too simplistic.

Auspicious Dates based on Kua is too simplistic

Therefore, the hybrid approach of unifying the Tung Shu prescriptions and validated by BaZi readings enables us to have the best of both world in terms of choosing auspicious dates. Adestiny applies the same principle in the selection of auspicious dates for fortune seekers. The popularity and positive feedbacks received are testimonies to the usefulness and validity of this approach setup by Master Richard Tan.

Master Richard Tan designed and developed this program for the benefits of fortune seeker, speculator, punter or gambler after obtaining his invaluable years of personal experiences and researches on this report. The personalized report provides a list of auspicious dates for a 6 months period, which is practical, useful, relevant and beneficial to these fortune seekers. The outcome of its application is instantaneous and can be quantified by judging the results of the games of chances one is indulging in. You may also conduct your betting test on the same game of chances on other normal dates other than those recommended by us and you can differentiate its outcome. However, one is expected to follow the rules and advice given in the report in order to maximize his luck by conducting any betting activity on those lucky dates. This program was thoroughly tested and critically analyzed over numerous occasions through a period of few years. Master Richard tan has obtained satisfactory results on most occasions.

John is a businessman. He is enjoying a booming business. He decides to expand his business. He uses proven business and management tools in researching and analyzing the statistics to verify his findings and then counterchecking them with his years of experience and knowledge in his line of business. He also takes the current political, economic and world affairs into consideration when makes his decision.

Knowing his uptrend pertaining to his luck cycle using BaZi analysis, he can plan and strategize his actions to expand his business. He can either utilize his internal generated fund or secure bank loans to finance his business expansion or diversification. If he takes up a big loan to finance his business expansion he can be over-geared but due to the optimistic outlook pertaining to his good luck cycle, he is more informed and confident and therefore can act on his decision swiftly.

Though he cannot assess the inherent unsystematic risks he may rely on his luck pattern and/or to hedge or insure his business. He must also take positive action to control the systematic risks pertaining to his business for the future in order to optimize the bottom line of his business.

Experience and knowledge in one's trade is definitely a pre-requisite requirement for an efficient and profitable business operation. Due the consistent pace of changes in trend and taste in a modern society, the advent of globalization and trade liberalization has contributed to more uncertainties that can adversely affect the outcome of one's success. Equipped with the knowledge of one's own luck cycle pattern, one can make better decisions with more confidence than someone without such knowledge.

Under such scenario John is likely to make a business loss if he uses his past achievement and the prevailing condition to make his business projections. He may decide to expand his business after considering the present demand for his goods or services that operates under a present good luck pillar.

However, making such a decision without considering what he is under a down trend luck cycle may prove unwise. It may put a toll on his business and in the process; it will affect his quality of life. If his business expansion was finance to high borrowings its gearing ratio is also high. Under such circumstances any economic slowdown or intense competition will see dwindling sales figures affecting the bottom line resulting him ended up in financial woes. In the worst scenario, he might end up as a bankrupt.

The 1997-98 Asian currency crisis had reduced many tycoons and businessmen into paupers. This can be a good lesson to us and it should make us think more carefully about the role of one's luck, be it our personalized luck cycle, economic cycles or the socio-political and economic conditions of the world at large.

Anyone who contemplates changing jobs, making career switches or starting a business of his own should take a serious look at his future luck cycles as illuminated by BaZi.

During a bad patch, it is normal for anyone to become disgruntled and emotional. It is also common for us to react and make brash decisions when we feel unhappy or trapped. If a person is caught in a lacklustre luck cycle, any drastic changes in his job or work environment will not bring the relief he seeks.

On the other hand, if he stays put in his present job, he can keep his head low and persevere through his rough patch with the knowledge that his job is secure and his fortune will change once the storm is over.

Individuals interested in gaming or investment activities such as the stock-market or currency speculation, are encouraged to know their luck cycle in order to optimize their money luck. Such knowledge can help him determine when to bet or invest aggressively, and when to hold back.

If one knows that he does not have the gambling luck within a period of time, he should hold back and bet only when the right time comes around. This can help prevent him from courting financial woes and capitalise on his luck to win.

The luck pillar is a good indicator on the correct timing for one to optimize his money luck in the game of chances. As with all game of chances, one is bound to lose out in the longer term.

Therefore, one should time his gaming and investment activities to win. It is wise to prevent blind, emotion-driven betting when one is out of luck. It can be the source of financial destruction. Betting when one is on a good luck cycle is the wise investor's code of conduct.

The fore-knowledge that one's partner is having a lacklustre phase which is causing stress in the relationship, can equip one to counter the problems caused with the correct behavioural response and supportive mindset.

In the event one encounters marital problems, he may become a more tolerant and understanding and he can take on the challenges in strides.

Since he knows that this period is just a temporary one, he may persevere and defer making drastic actions that can cause irreparable damage to the relationship and live to regret after that.

The pattern of one's luck cycle, yearly and monthly, has a profound effect on the returns generated by one's investments.

One should be cautious on the element of risks involved in any form of investments. The general rule is the higher the returns, the higher the risk one has to shoulder.

All of us have different appetite for risks. So the question is how can we master our destiny and know when to act to maximize the returns and when to hold back to minimize our loss?

Generally speaking, in a good luck phase, one is able to generate higher and better returns than at normal times. You may restructure your investment portfolios and take up investments that offer better returns or capital gain.

However, if you are expecting a lacklustre period ahead, you should restructure your investments into low risk investments such as buying fixed return investment like bonds, fixed deposits or blue chips, and reducing all borrowings to a manageable level or zero gearing.

So the reduction of exposure to risk can block out losses caused by a precipitous fortune and ensure you can receive a constant stream of income, albeit at a lower rate.

"Reveal and understand children's talents and problems"

Most parents especially the more educated ones would plan to start a family after marriage. They reckon that the quality of bringing up one or two children is more important than having too many children as they cannot afford to spend quality time with them. So they decided to have one or two children in common with most parents. A lot of personal sacrifices and financial support have been channeled towards their children's welfare. The excitement of most couples in watching their child growing up can be a great joy. However during this stage of the child such joy is often accompanied by numerous problems often result in parent sporadic arguments, quarrels and even lead to separation.

The common types of problems encountered are health, education and behavior. Your son or daughter may be naughty, lazy, mixing with the wrong peers, rebellious or uncommunicative. Other issues such as, not paying attention in class, not taking his studies seriously or weakness in certain subjects are not to the parent likings. Since a lot of efforts and money have been invested in their children's welfare obviously they would have high expectations on their children's future in education and career.

Therefore, it is wise and beneficial for parents to understand their child's behavior and to improve their relationship with their children, thus forging a harmonious family. They can also understand the child luck cycle, personality, potential and talent. By understanding their child's personality and potential they can use their good judgments to guide and nurture him to be more prepared for his future endeavors.

BaZi can reveal the child's, personality, potential and talents. It also discloses his luck cycle that is also very important because timing is also a factor in the making of a success of a person lifetime. Authentic Destiny is in the position to offer you both in revealing your child's destiny and his luck cycle. Therefore, you can understand him better and assist you to develop his personality, potentials and talents for his future endeavors.

Some parents who have consulted us found that our detailed personalized printout on their fortune telling using BaZi is very useful. It can assist them to be more understanding and fulfilled their duties and responsibilities for upbringing and shaping their child's future.