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What is BaZi?

The origin of BaZi is attributed to Scholar Li Xuzhong of the Tang Dynasty (A.D 618-907). It was practiced by Xu Ziping in the Song Dynasty (A.D 960-1279). This ancient Chinese Art is derived from the text of the I-Ching or the Book of Oracles used for fortune telling. It is based on the same principles, using the 5 primordial elements for fortune telling.

This Chinese system fortune-telling has been in use, consistently, for thousand of years through the winding course of its civilization. It is true to say that BaZi has shaped the cultural practices and philosophy of the Chinese people as much as Confucianism has shaped the character and mind of the people of China and its worldwide diasporas. In the olden days, the Chinese people seeking their destinies and fortune, travelled far and wide to great temples to have their destinies revealed to them by masters of fortune reading. In other words, consulting a fortune-teller is a common practice and very much a part of the Chinese culture.

The Chinese believe that the universe came into being from the 5 primordial elements. Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist, in his essay, 'Is Everything Determined?' subscribes to the view that everything in the universe is governed by a set of rules. From this perspective, the Chinese people have believed in such a worldview since a long time ago. It can be agreed on that the universe must follow a set of rules. Man, being a tiny part of the universe, and comprising of the 5 elements, is also subject to such fixed rules and order.

We therefore believe that human fate and destiny is determined by "the invisible forces of the universal". Until recently most BaZi masters were only Chinese speaking. The emergence of new masters proficient in the English Language has opened up this fascinating system of fortune telling to the entire English-speaking world. The Internet has also helped to provide access and delivery of the BaZi system across the world at the touch of a button.

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The BaZi system is reputed as the most authentic for the prediction of an individual's destiny. The system is based on the 12 stages of the life cycle and the inter-relationship of the constructive and destructive cycles of the 5 elements. As a fortune-telling system, BaZi is still widely used today as it was before. Whilst other methods of fortune telling are based on the celestial formations such as the planets and the stars in the galaxies, BaZi as a fortune-telling system is based on the movement of the solar system. Even as the planets revolve around the sun, it is known that human existence is powerfully shaped by the rising and the setting sun. The solar system has an abiding influence on all living beings.

Indeed, it is clear why the sun is such a powerful influence on mankind. It is the centre of our universe after all! A sun-centric system of fortune-telling will certainly be more accurate as the sun is the centre of the galaxies, whereas the stars and planets including earth are only parts of it.

In a nutshell, BaZi analyzes the unique numerals of an individual's birth data and gender and then matches them to a matrix of metaphysical knowledge based on the Sun and its elemental influences on him/her. Therein lies the fate and destiny of an individual, in the realms of BaZi.

This method uses the 5 basic elements, e.g., wood, fire, earth, metal and water to represent one's Four Pillars of Destiny. Some of the important ideas are :

  • The 4 Pillars are allocated into the Year, Month, Day and Hour. Each pillar is represented by an element, as translated from one's birth data.
  • Each pillar consists of the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch.
  • The self-element (also known as the Day Master) is represented by the Day pillar of the Heavenly Stem and it is employed as a reference point in its inter-relationships with the other seven elements in the 4 Pillars for reading one's destiny.

This system maps out the 12 stages of the life cycle in a person's life to reveal the strengths of the SELF-element within this framework. This forms the basis for a precise interpretation and an accurate forecast of a person's destiny. The BaZi interpretation encompasses the various aspects of one's life and the forecast of his future is also based on influence of the ruling element of his luck pillar, year, month and hour.

Finally, BaZi is reputed to be the most accurate fortune-telling system there is. Under BaZi, the probability for two persons having an identical reading is 1 in 12.96 million. And it will take another 240 years to repeat the next cycle to raise another identical case. BaZi is known not only on its accuracy, but also its ease of application in all aspects of one's life. Those who seek the wisdom of BaZi can testify to its accuracy and usefulness.

One very useful feature of BaZi is that it reveals the patterns of your luck cycles. By knowing the pattern of our luck, we can leverage it to our advantage.

During an auspicious luck period, you can reap the rewards by taking suitable actions or create new opportunities that may otherwise be missed or not capitalized on. On the other hand, when you encounter a lacklustre luck cycle, you can take pre-emptive actions to mitigate the negative impact of the period on our business undertakings or relationships. Such insights or knowledge can also help us to make more informed decisions without rushing into business ventures or investments.

An uninformed decision can cause irreparable damage to a relationship or result in the loss of opportunities in the business world. An informed action guided by BaZi can preserve or generate more wealth and enhance our access to joy and happiness.

We live in a fast-paced life. Keeping up with the pace of changes and the way we understand life as it was, is difficult.

It is said, the only thing that will not change is change itself. We need to accept the reality of change in our lives. We need to constantly reach out beyond our comfort zone to acquire new skills and knowledge to keep in pace with the changes if hope to improve our quality of life.

Change and the ups and downs of the ever unpredictable economic cycles create a lot of loss and stress to us. The advent of globalization and liberalization of trades, while improving the lives of the populace of the emerging economies, are happening, unfortunately at the expense of the people of the developed economies. The relocation of businesses away from certain geographical locations and the recent practice of outsourcing have caused much pain in the developed economies.

While this is seen as sometimes unnecessarily disruptive, such realities cannot be ignored nor can they be prevented.

Therefore, we must be prepared and ready to keep up with the pace of these changes by acquiring the required knowledge and taking pre-emptive actions before it is too late. We may update our knowledge and skills and/or acquire new ones to ensure we are in employment or at least marketable.