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The objective of ADestiny is to make BaZi available in the most convenient, economical, and fastest manner.

To top this objective, we want to ensure BaZi will retain its authenticity and accuracy without any compromise. We hope you will enjoy the resources on this site and gain new insights into your life and those of your loved ones.

What is BaZi ?

The origin of BaZi is attributed to Scholar Li Xuzhong of the Tang Dynasty (A.D 618-907). It was practiced by Xu Ziping in the Song Dynasty (A.D 960-1279). This ancient Chinese Art is derived from the text of the I-Ching or the Book of Oracles used for fortune telling. It is based on the same principles, using the 5 primordial elements for fortune telling. This Chinese system fortune-telling has been in use, consistently, for thousand of years through the winding course of its civilization. It is true to say that BaZi has shaped the cultural practices and philosophy of the Chinese people as much as Confucianism has shaped the character and mind of the people of China and its worldwide diasporas. In the olden days, the Chinese people seeking their destinies and fortune, travelled far and wide to great temples to have their destinies revealed to them by masters of fortune reading. In other words, consulting a fortune-teller is a common practice and very much a part of the Chinese culture.



The Chinese believe that the universe came into being from the 5 primordial elements. Stephen Hawking, the renown physicist, in his essay, 'Is Everything Determined?' subscribes to the view that everything in the universe is governed by a set of rules. From this perspective, the Chinese people have believed in such a worldview since a long time ago. It can be agreed on that the universe must follow a set of rules. Man, being a tiny part of the universe, and comprising of the 5 elements, is also subject to such fixed rules and order.

We therefore believe that human fate and destiny is determined by "the invisible forces of the universal". Until recently most BaZi masters were only Chinese speaking. The emergence of new masters proficient in the English Language has opened up this fascinating system of fortune telling to the entire English-speaking world. The Internet helps to provide the access and delivery of BaZi system across the world at the touch of a button.

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